Xiangtian (usa) Air Power Announces Strategic Purchase

Conference play is here, and we have more than just one or two decent games to watch Saturday. The main attraction this week is in Athens with No. 10 Georgia hosting sixth-ranked LSU. For the Bulldogs, it will already be their third game against a top-10 opponent. The Tigers have played TCU away from home, but this will be the first test for their young defense against an elite offense. WEEK 5: Full TV game schedule for weekend Also in the SEC, No. 1 Alabama will face surging Mississippi. The 22nd-ranked Rebels already have won at Vanderbilt and Texas. Beating the two-time defending national champions would be another feather in the cap of Hugh Freeze. The Tide could get a challenge if its offense continues to struggle. No. 12 Oklahoma visits No.


ProClip has completed testing of their current iPhone 5 holders with the new iPhone 5s phone, which Apple released for sale on September 20th. The dimensions of iPhone 5s are the same as the iPhone 5. Because of this, ProClip has listed all of their current iPhone 5 holders as iPhone 5s holders . Holders for iPhone 5c are currently in production with ProClips manufacturer in Sweden and should be on ProClips website for pre-order by the end of business today (September 30, 2013). ProClip plans to offer both non-charging and charging holders. There will also be a variety of adjustable holders to fit different 5c cases, including the iPhone 5c Case Apple released. As other companies develop new cases for iPhone 5c, ProClip may develop specific holders for the popular case styles, depending on demand. ProClip currently offers specific iPhone 5/5s holders for OtterBox Defender, Griffin Survivor and Lifeproof Fre. All iPhone 5s and 5c holders can be attached to ProClip dashboard car mounts , table stands, pedestal mounts or any other mounting surface. Don Rankin, COO of ProClip USA, says We always have a lot of customers waiting on the newest iPhone holders, as the iPhone has traditionally been the most popular phone among many of our customers. Our manufacturer is hard at work on the 5c holders now so we can have them on our website for pre-order later today. About ProClip USA ProClip USA, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of Brodit In-Vehicle Device Mounting Solutions and Accessories. The ProClip products are custom fit for virtually every vehicle model and handheld device available such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, navigation systems, satellite radios, two-way radios and mobile computing. Their innovative, convenient, secure and easy-to-install mounting solutions provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

New iPhone 5c and 5s Car Phone Mounts from ProClip USA

“We have teamed up with the brightest research and development companies in Hong Kong and China and together, we can bring a competitive solution to meet the energy needs of clients around the world, and still stay focused on our core competency of providing green energy solutions using innovation and technology. This focus will help lead the Company into a competitive position in developing countries looking for energy supply that does not rely on fossil fuels,” said Zhou Deng Rong, CEO of Sanhe City Luck Sky Electrical Engineering Limited Company. General History: Zhou Deng Rong, established Lucksky Air Power Group in Beijing in 2000. The company develops natural energy power generation systems, conducts independent research and development, and holds independent intellectual property rights on over 300 patents. Related products are: ultra-wideband voltage power inverter, new structures aerodynamic engine, low-speed aerodynamic generators, new structures isothermal air compressor, natural energy power systems, and the aerodynamic automobile motors. This technology is operational at the Sanhe City Luck Sky Electrical Engineering Limited Company’s headquarters in China, which produces the electrical generation equipment, and runs its own operations utilizing this same technology. This manufacturing plant not only is off the China Power grid, it has operational plans to provide electricity to this grid in the near future. We have three market targets: 1. To help all levels of enterprises to build large-scale power plants, and to make use of national subsidy policies. At the same time to leave the compressed air energy storage and output interfaces, lay the foundation for building the compressed air refueling station during Luck Sky Group aerodynamic automobile industrialization procedure (this is expected to take about two years). 2. To help companies that have large scale electricity demand to establish their own use power generation facilities, to make use of the state subsidy policies to save and reduce operation and product costs. 3. To help industrial and mining enterprises in remote regions to build the island-style power plants to meet the needs of end-users. The Company also hopes to lay the foundation for the aerodynamic automobile development: “Compressed air refueling station” is the bottleneck of the development of air powered automobile.