World Food Championships Announces The Bison Council As A Partner

To make matters even worse, it appears that, of the $165 billion (122 billion) worth of food that ends up in the trash bin, most is still edible. The researchers who pieced together this report argue that, as far as they can tell, the US wastes this much food over the course of just 12 months due to the fact that, more often than not, people fail to make head and tail of the labels shown on packages. Thus, some packages display a sell by date, which is intended for the retailer and indicates when a certain product should be taken off shelves. The problem is that there is also a use by or best before date, which is aimed at the consumer and which provides information concerning until when a product is best eaten. Apparently, consumers often mistake the two, and end up throwing away perfectly good food, Business Green tells us. What’s more, the so-called expiration dates that many regard as an indicator that the food is no longer safe to eat don’t always mean what people think they do. The current system of expiration dates misleads consumers to believe they must discard food in order to protect their own safety. In fact, the dates are only suggestions by the manufacturer when the food is at its peak quality, not when it is unsafe to eat, the researchers write in their report, as cited by Newsday . Specialists recommend that, in order to curb food waste in the US, high officials take steps towards making sell by dates invisible to consumers, and roll out a uniform dating system that would be a more accurate representation of how safe to eat certain foods are at any given time. FILED UNDER:

7-10 at the Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East District. As a partner to the World Food Championships, The Bison Council with High Plains Bison will provide products for use as featured ingredients in two of the seven competition categories occurring throughout the weekend. Additionally, High Plains Bison products will be included in the World Food Championships’ pantry during semi-finals and finals round of the event, and have a special Thanksgiving-themed competition on Championship Sunday previous to the WFC Final Table showdown. “Bison is the perfect ingredient to be featured in recipes at this year’s competition,” said Mike McCloud, president and CEO of Trybe Targeting, producers of the World Food Championships. “While we are a global competition, highlighting flavor profiles from all over, we are so thrilled to have a hearty North American protein like bison in the lineup.” On Sunday, Nov. 10, The Bison Council will present its very own culinary showcase entitled, “Giving Turkey the Bird.” A panel of culinary masters will be charged with reinventing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner using bison as the featured protein. Admission to the showcase is free. “We could not be more excited to partner with the World Food Championships,” said Andrea Orth, Director, VSA Partners, The Bison Council’s lead marketing firm. “It’s the perfect platform to showcase bison on a global scale.” The 2013 World Food Championships, boasting a $300,000 prize purse, will pit over 400 competitors in a four-day, tournament style competition across seven categories: BBQ, chili, burger, sandwich, bacon, dessert and recipe (with an emphasis on pasta). At the conclusion of the weekend, only one competitor will remain, claiming the World Food Champ title and serious bragging rights for the next year. This is the type of competition that can only happen in Las Vegas! To stay in the food champ chatter and for more information on the World Food Championships, visit, or Twitter (@WorldFoodChamp). About The Bison Council Established in September 2013 with a goal of educating the public about the culinary and health benefits of enjoying bison, The Bison Council is a free educational resource for families nationwide to learn more about why bison is the better red meat. To find more information on The Bison Council ambassadors, delicious recipes featuring bison, and a list of local restaurants and retail locations offering bison, visit,, Twitter (@bisoncouncil) or