Vegan Restaurateur’s Truck Aims To Make Prince George’s ‘food Desert’ A Little Healthier

Charities Decry Food Aid Cuts Pushed by House Republicans

Chicken and macaroni and cheese, he calls. Come get your free samples. (Sarah L. Voisin/ The Washington Post ) – Baruch Ben Yehuda is the founder of Everlasting Life, a vegan restaurant in Capitol Heights. The weeks best news photos Heres a quick way to catch up on the weeks news, through some of our favorite photos. A man in a red hat walks up and takes a sample cup. This is delicious right here, says James Himbrick, 59, a disabled construction worker. He gives a taste to his wife, Denise Smith, who asks what kind of chicken it is. You want to know what kind of chicken that is? asks Ben-Yehudah, the owner of Everlasting Life Restaurant in Capitol Heights. We raise our chicken in a way that nobody else does on the whole planet. Ben-Yehudah who has made it his mission to get people to eat more healthfully in a county where 70percent of adults are obese or overweight and where 71percent of restaurants are fast-food outlets pauses for dramatic effect. That chicken is made from vegetables. Vegetables? Himbrick repeats. You mean not all thatgarbage-eating, mess-eating chicken? This is good. I just finished beating cancer for my kidney. And I need to eat good food. Over the next two hours, a stream of people approach the truck in Capitol Heights, one of the areas the U.S.

10 tips for dealing with food allergies in a restaurant

The proposed reduction would remove 76 million meals a year from New York City alone. Where would we get that?, Purvis said in a telephone interview from a soup kitchen in Harlem. Thats more meals than we provide in a year. Able-bodied Adults Republicans have said their measure would cut spending by tightening eligibility requirements including on able-bodied adults younger than 55 who dont have dependents. Backers of the bill say they want to curb waste and abuse. I think a lot of our members want to finally make real reforms to the food-stamp program, said Representative Steve King, an Iowa Republican and senior member of the House Agriculture Committee, which has jurisdiction over the programs. The goal is to ensure that while you have a safety net you shouldnt be giving welfare benefits to people who are able-bodied and capable of getting a job who just choose to continue to get food stamps when they can actually go and work. Spending on domestic nutrition assistance programs would reach $764 billion over 10 years if current policies continue, according to a June report on farm bill spending from the Congressional Research Service . The report cites the non-partisan CBO, which gauges the cost of legislation for U.S. lawmakers. The CBO hasnt publicly released an estimate for the food-aid bill. End Benefits The food-assistance bill would end benefits to as many as 6 million low-income people, according to an August report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities , a Washington-based group that studies the governments impact on low- and moderate-income families. The group wrote that it relied on reports and public comments from Republicans describing the measure.

5. Decontaminate: Be aware of possible cross contamination of cooking surfaces, utensils and even eating surfaces. 6. Rate your risk: Be aware of high-risk cuisines including bakeries, dessert or ice cream shops and Mexican or Asian cuisine — where exposure to peanut and nut allergens is more likely. 7. Wipe it off! Some individual families may carry disposable wipes to decontaminate a table area before dining in the hopes of removing residual protein residue. 8. Get educated: Teach your family and friends about the food allergy in question and get them on board to never make suspect foods immediately available, especially for food-allergic children. At home, kitchen magnets and/or signs can serve as a reminder for friends and guests, too. 9. Keep an eye out: Cozy and intimate lighting is not cool if you are dining out with someone with a food allergy. It is essential to be able to see your immediate environment for possible triggers.