United Kingdom Cider Market Insights 2013

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CandC Group Brand Volumes, 2008-2012 ? Gaymers Cider Company Brands Volumes, 2008-2012 ? Wm Magners Ltd Brand Volumes, 2008-2012 ? HEINEKEN UK(HP BULMER) ? Heineken UK Brand Volumes, 2008-2012 MINOR CIDER COMPANIES ? Aspalls ? Brothers Drinks Co Ltd ? Merrydown (SHS) ? Kopparbergs Cider ? Thatchers Cider Co ? H Weston and Sons Ltd Methodology Beer and Cider Attributes Definitions Product Definitions Packaging Definitions Glossary Map List of Tables Table 1: Cider Key Facts Table 2: Top 10 Cider Brands – Volume, 2010-2012 Table 3: Top 10 International Premium and Superpremium Cider Brands – Volume, 2010-2012 Table 4: Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees Table 5: Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F Table 6: – Taxation Base (March 2012 Budget) Table 7: – Historical Excise Rates of Cider Table 8: – Legal Controls on Cider Table 9: – Tax Burden on Cider Table 10: Selected Consumer Cider Prices: On-Premise, 2011-2013 Table 11: Selected Consumer Cider Prices: On-Premise, 2011-2013 Table 12: Cider Production/Trade/Consumption, 2005-2013F Table 13: Cider Production/Trade/Consumption – Growth, 2005-2013F Table 14: Consumption of FABs and Cider, 2002-2013F Table 15: Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F Table 16: Cider Consumption by Local Definition, 2009-2013F Table 17: Cider Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2009-2013F Table 18: Cider Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2009-2013F Table 19: Cider Consumption by Type, 2009-2013F Table 20: Cider Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2009-2013F Table 21: Cider All Trademarks, 2008-2012 Table 22: Cider Brands by Local Definition, 2008-2012 Table 23: Cider Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2008-2012 Table 24: Cider Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2008-2012 Table 25: Cider Brands by Type, 2008-2012 Table 26: Imported Brands by Origin, 2008-2012 Table 27: Cider Licensed Brands, 2012-2012 Table 28: Cider Private Label Brands, 2008-2012 Table 29: Cider Trademark Owners, 2008-2012 Table 30: Cider Local Operators, 2008-2012 Table 31: Cider leading Brewers/Importers, 2008-2012 Table 32: Cider Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Pack/Size, 2009-2013F Table 33: Cider Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2009-2013F Table 34: A-BInBev UK Full Cider Brand List Table 35: A-BInBev UK Brand Volumes 2011-2012 Table 36: Aston Manor Brewery Full Cider Brand List Table 37: Aston Manor Brewery Brand Volumes 2008-2012 Table 38: Gaymers Cider Company Full Cider Brand List Table 39: CandC Group Brand Volumes 2010-2012 Table 40: WmMagners Ltd Brand Volumes 2008-2009 Table 41: Gaymers Cider Company Brand Volumes 2008-2009 Table 42: Heineken UK Full Cider Brand List Table 43: Heineken UK Brand Volumes 2008-2012 Table 44: Company Aspalls Table 45: Company Brothers Drinks Co Ltd . Table 46: Company Kopparberg Table 47: Company Merrydown (SHS) Table 48: Company Thatchers Cider Co Table 49: Company H Weston and Sons Ltd List of Figures Figure 1: Cider Leading Brewers/Importers, 2012 Figure 2: Cider Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2012 Figure 3: Cider Distribution by Channel, 2012 Figure 4: Cider Consumption by Price Segment, 2012 Companies Mentioned ASTON MANOR BREWERY, ? Aston Manor Brewery Brand Volumes, 2008-2012, ?