Russia Meets Its Match In Greenpeace ‘pirates’

The preaching tone that they adopted in this area does not suit us.??? The law orders fines for individuals and organisations deemed to have violated the law, and, unusually, also singles out foreigners who risk fines of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,106), detention for 15 days and deportation. Many commenters believe Russia underestimated the international reaction to the law, which now risks overshadowing the Sochi Winter Games, the biggest event in its post-Soviet history. But Milonov, who describes himself as a ???man of European culture??? defends the law as part of a promotion of family values in Russia and the protection of children. ???We have to defend the future of our children,??? said Milonov, who has children aged four and one. He railed against the legalisation of gay marriage in some European countries, describing it as a ???symptom of an illness in society, a spiritual degradation???. ???Ninety-five percent of Russians are against gay marriage. Gays do not have any support in Russian society.??? ???We could say that paedophilia is a sexual choice we could say that murder is one way to survive.


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Flesh-Eating Street Drug from Russia Hits the US

Soon after the Russian authorities first indicated that piracy charges might be brought against the activists, President Vladimir Putin essentially repeated arguments from the anonymous comment. “Our border guards, our law enforcement agencies did not know who was trying to seize the rig posing as Greenpeace,” he said , adding: “It is perfectly obvious that they are not pirates.” Yet the court went ahead with the arrests. Putin has a history of publicly favoring clemency towards various detainees, such as members of the Russian opposition, without any effect on their actual treatment at the hands of the law enforcement authorities or courts. Asked to comment on this apparent disobedience, Putin is apt to shrug and point out that the courts and police do not formally report to him. The piracy charges are unprecedented and likely to be lifted, eventually. Yet the show of force is clearly meant to intimidate Greenpeace, so that it will think twice before continuing to pester Gazprom — it is not as though this were the first time. Activists have picketed the monopoly’s Moscow office, harassed exploration ships in the Arctic and generally made themselves a nuisance. Gazprom is a state-controlled mainstay of Russia’s hydrocarbon economy, and the government is, effectively, issuing a warning to activists to keep away from it. The opposite effect is more likely. Arctic Sunrise was captained by Peter Willcox, former captain of the Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship that was sunk by French agents in New Zealand in 1985, after being used in protests against nuclear testing in the Pacific. Greenpeace fought the French government for damages and won an $8 million award from an international tribunal.