Inside Scott, Kendall, And Kylie’s Night Out In Hollywood

(Photo: Belgian Government) Mohamed Abdi Hassan was charged with hijacking a Belgian ship He was baited with a promise of a movie about piracy Prosecutor: Hassan is one of the most ‘important and infamous’ pirates SHARE 60 CONNECT 28 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE BRUSSELS (AP) The alleged pirate kingpin thought he was going work in the movies. Instead he landed in jail. In a sting operation worthy of Hollywood, Mohamed Abdi Hassan was lured from Somalia to Belgium with promises of work on a documentary about high-seas crime that would “mirror his life as a pirate,” federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said Monday. But rather than being behind the camera as an expert adviser, Abdi Hassan ended up behind bars, nabbed as he landed Saturday at Brussels airport. “(He’s) one of the most important and infamous kingpin pirate leaders, responsible for the hijacking of dozens of commercial vessels from 2008 to 2013,” Delmulle said. Abdi Hassan whose nickname, Afweyne, means “Big Mouth” was charged with hijacking the Belgian dredger Pompei and kidnapping its nine-member crew in 2009, Delmulle said. The Pompei’s crew was released after 10 weeks in captivity when the ship’s owner paid a reported $3 million ransom. Belgium caught two pirates involved in the hijacking, convicted them and sentenced them to nine and 10 years in prison. But prosecutors still wanted the ringleaders. “Too often, these people remain beyond reach while they let others do the dirty work,” Delmulle told reporters. Malaysian authorities almost captured the reclusive Adbi Hassan in April 2012, but a document from the Somali transitional government let him slip back home, according to a U.N.

It’s always fun and relaxed like the L.A. lifestyle. It was an amazing night. I’ve been working with designers Cedric and Yves from ‘Day By Day’ for years, love them to death, so when I was asked to walk in the show and DJ the after party, I said of course now that the tour I was on with Bonnie McKee and the Jonas Brothers had just been canceled.” Another insider adds, “There are no hard feelings there. And the reports that Cedric was mad about Scott trying to pull him off stage at the end are also false.” Proving this point was the fact that everyone headed off to the afterparty together at 21-and-over club Vignette for its weekly voyeuristic, hip-hop bash called Wax Rabbit including underage Kendall and Kylie. But sources at the shindig tell us the girls were hardly clubbing. “It was just an afterparty for the clothing brand,” a source close to the family explains to omg!. In fact, one partygoer also tells us that the girls were “nice, quiet, and pretty reserved.” Scott didn’t entirely slip into Lord Disick mode either. Onlookers tell omg! that Scott was overheard asking someone if Kendall and Kylie were doing alright and that he’d check to make sure they were having a good time. The trio tried slipping out a side door unnoticed, but were unsuccessful.

Hollywood Celebs: 50 And Still Hot

So when it came time to rally the budget that wasn’t a ready option. What they did have was each other. “One thing that I learned is that when you are doing crowdfunding it’s important to have a crew,” said Bland. “People are much more likely to look over a project when you are posting to social media with a link to your Facebook and Twitter.” Bland says the hardest thing is “trying to figure out ways to make your project stand out beyond the other 20 people who may be doing a crowdfunding campaign at that time on Facebook.” This is a problem that artists of all stripes face. Since many are part of artistic communities a kind of crowdfunding tunnel vision can set in. Everyone you know seems to be asking for cash, to the point where the same $20 is bouncing from project to project, with a little bit being taken off by the crowdfunding platform with each go. Looking to avoid that trap the trio took to IndieGoGo and activated their friends and families, who might not be as connected to artistic circles, to get the cash. “Most of our support came from our own communities,” said Biggs. “It was church, friends, aunts, uncles who really came through. We were really creative in how to get them invested and excited.” Endings As Beginnings With the short completed the team has taken the next step in the Hollywood rite of passage for self-starters: organizing premiere screenings. I wondered if Biggs and Talbot were nervous about showing the piece to a room of invited industry guests. Both expressed that they were more nervous at the Bay Area screening last month, whose audience included friends from acting grad school. Biggs and Talbot met at San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater.

Leaving Hollywood To Break Into Hollywood: ‘Thula’

These guys don’t seem to be affected by age, who still manage to look hot and sexy. There’s no doubt that they are enjoying all their 50’s glory. So here are the 5 Hollywood men who are still hot and sexy at 50. Johnny Depp Johnny Depp at 50. He turned 50 last June 9, 2013 and Depp is just getting hotter and better as he age. The “Pirates of the Carribean” star is both a film producer and a mucisian, and has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor. He has two children with French actress and singer, Vanesa Paradis, his daughter’s name is Lily-Rose Melody Depp (14-years-old) and son John “Jack” Christopher Depp III (11-years-old). Hugh Grant Hugh Grant at 50 Born September 9, 1960, the “Nothing Hill” actor is now 53-years-old and has recently embraced fatherhood for the second time around. Current girlfriend Tinglan Hong gave birth to his son named Felix Chang with 17 months gap to his daughter Tabitha. He posted on his Twitter account saying, “I am the Daddy” and was esctatic to become a dad once again. Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas at 50 Known for her character in the movie “Deperado”, Antonio Banderas is an epitome of hotness as he steams up on his on-screen romance with Rebecca Romijn, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek. Banderas also played as a Vampire Armand opposite Tom Cruise in the movie “Interview with the Vampire”. David Duchovny The X-Files Reunion – Mulder and Scully Known for his TV series “X-files” and “Californication,” David Duchovny is definitely the sexy bad boy that everyone loves. The 53-year-old actor is paired with hot and young women in his TV series “Californication” as he play a hot writer who is looking for an inspiration for his next novel. He is married to actress Tea Leoni and has daughter, Madelaine West Duchovny and a son named Kyd Miller Duchovny.