Food And Wine All-stars Hit Vegas

Video Bishop Godfrey Nwaneri of Divine Grace Mission discusses what it’s like to work closely with a food bank to feed those in need. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post) – Gerri Magruder, executive director of Helping Hands Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, is pictured at the Capitol Area Food Bank. We try to shop very close to the distribution day so the perishables would not spoil, said Nwaneri, who hands out food on the first Saturday of every month. The Maryland pastor is part of a network of more than 500partner agencies that distribute 45 million pounds of food to more than 500,000 people across the Washington area each year. And although the distribution includes bread, cereal and canned goods, there is increasing focus among church food banks to supply fresh vegetables and meat for the good health of those in need. Fresh food thats the key to lowering high blood pressure and diabetes, said Jeri Bailey, director of the food pantry at the Dupont Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church, who was at the food bank the same day as Nwaneri. We prepare bags for 130families a week that includes a meat, fresh greens, canned goods and other items, Bailey said. But the distribution of fresh food means extra attention must be paid to ensuring that the donated perishables dont spoil. Nearly 36 million tons of food were wasted nationally in 2011, said Nancy Roman, president of the Capital Area Food Bank. Roman recently helped organize a summit in Alexandria to address how local churches and organizations can reduce food spoilage. Participants included Ben Simon, founder of the Food Recovery Network at the University of Maryland; Elise H. Golan, director for sustainable development at the Department of Agriculture; Tom ODonnell, an environmental scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency; and Meghan Stasz, director of sustainability for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents such major brands as Kraft, General Mills and Nestle. Food waste is getting some attention from federal agencies, but [the summit] really connected it to people serving in the communities to begin a conversation that is needed in our region, Roman said in an interview. We are committed to fresh food and vegetables, but we have to pay attention to waste. As panelists talked about how more and more companies are allowed to give out food because of Good Samaritan donation laws, Gerri Magruder, coordinator of the food pantry at First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights , stood in frustration.

“The Scarecrow” Chipotle industrial food commercial haunting but true (Video)

Photo:Michael Jackson ONE is a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience Photo:Wet and wild at Encore Beach Club Photo:The Westin Lake Las Vegas Photo:Park on Fremont Photo:The imposing edifice of the Mob Museum Photo:Gold, black and breathtaking: The Bank at Bellagio Photo:Eyecandy Sound Lounge at Mandalay Bay Photo:The incomparable Hakkasan Photo:Gordon Ramsay’s take on fish and chips at GR Pub & Grill Photo:Andrea’s 5-spice garlic lobster Photo:The epic Fatty Melt from Citizens Kitchen & Bar Photo:Summer sizzles at the Stratosphere Photo:For $250,000, you too can control the Fountains of Bellagio Photo:ARIA Resort & Casino Photo:Dining 180 feet above the Strip with Dinner in the Sky Photo:You will get wet: Wet ‘n’ Wild water park returns to Vegas Photo:Sky Combat Ace lets you take the controls for a bit of pretend dogfighting Photo:Topshop will open a 20,000-square-foot retail space inside Fashion Show Mall October 3, 2013 From Oct. 4 to 6, spend time with culinary superstars in an incredible three-day affair hosted by the MGM Grand, Bellagio and Aria. Treat yourself to gastronomic delights, cooking demos, wine classes, parties and dining meet-ups with Michelin-starred chefs and fellow food and wine connoisseurs at the fourth annual Food and Wine All-Star Weekend. The culinary celebration launches at 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 4, featuring the cooking demonstration and sake-tasting event Ten Ways to Sushi with Shibuya Executive Chef Heather Zheng. By 8 p.m., splurge on sample delights and refreshing cocktails at the First Course Kick-Off Party. The All-Star Brunch with celebrity chefs opens the Oct. 5 festivities at 11 a.m. If you have a big appetite, dont miss the poolside All-Star Burger Bash with Joel Robuchon and Michael Mina at 1:30 p.m. If youre a wine lover, check out Syrah That Will Change Your Life, led by Master Sommelier Jason Smith at 2 p.m. Satisfy your epicurean cravings with Six-Course Bliss with Joel Robuchon at 7 p.m., then take home his personally signed cookbook. The weekends highlight happens at 7 p.m.

From left to right: Shawn McClain, Michael Mina, Masa Takayama, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Julian Serrano and Jean Philippe Maury

Chipotle lays before the public viewing audience a death-defying view of what the food of today really looks like, on their search to bring back real food to their customers. Cultivate a better world The world of processed food is a frightening one, with food production controlled by industrial giants who are dominating the food system, the way its always been done. The infomercial seem through the eyes of one lone scarecrow, as he sets out to give an alternative to the unsustainable processed food from the industrial food factory. Its scary to think this is actually what food production has come to What the animals are put through and what people are willing to ingest, Alfred Hitchcock himself could not have come of with, but a seemingly closer of view of what this commercial portrays can be viewed in the B movie classic from the 80s ,Motel Hell. Unsuspecting travelers are buried up to their necks in the soil in his garden, after they are kidnapped by Farmer Vincent. It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincents fritters Farmer Vincents motto is a parody of the meat industry. His have their vocal chords cut so they cannot scream out. His victims, captured as animals, are fed special food until they are ready. The movie is full of one criminal act after another and who knows and who doesn’t and who eats but pretends they do not know. The victims escape and cant walk-from being buried in the ground, or talk-they hiss and make weird noises, much like the industrial farm animals would do if they broke loose from their industrialized settings they are forced to live in. If people weren’t so freaked out on the B drive-in movie spaghetti scare, and more information about industrialization and the tainted foods that litter the grocery store shelves, they might have realized the statement the movie was trying to make even then. The Scarecrow produced by Chipotle and created by Academy-Award-winning Moonbot Studios The Scarecrow is a revised version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Chipotles mission to change how people see fast food.