Concert Preview: Joe Satriani Brings Momentum Tour To Edmonton

But that didnt stop the diva from performing with her sister for the first time in 20 years. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Despite a broken wrist, Liza Minnelli performed with her sister, Lorna Luft, for the first time in 20 years during The Actors Fund And Tower Cancer Research benefit concert on October 14 in New York City. The show went on for Liza Minnelli. A spokesman for the 67-year-old entertainer said she performed Monday night with a broken wrist at a benefit concert in New York. Liza Minnelli reportedly broke her wrist in three places during a rehearsal at her home Sunday. Minnelli broke her wrist in three places while rehearsing at home Sunday. The “Cabaret” star performed with her sister, Lorna Luft. The event marked their first performance together in 20 years since their duet at the 1993 Tony Awards. Minnelli returned to the hospital for further treatment immediately after the performance at the jazz club Birdland benefiting the Women’s Health Initiative and the Dr. Philomena McAndrew Fund of Tower Cancer Research Foundation.

Liza Minnelli performs with broken wrist at benefit concert in New York

16. We asked him about the strangest thing heas ever signed, recording with Spinal Tap and singing with Crowded House. Q: You mixed the album in Vancouver. Have you spent a lot of time here? A: Iave done a lot of recording in Vancouver. My longtime associate Mike Fraser is a, what do you say, Vancouveran, Vancouverite? I met him back in a96 when we were doing the first live G3 recording. Weave done a lot of albums, maybe 10 or 12, since then. We recorded a lot of one at the Armoury. But weave done mainly a lot of mixing up at Bryan Adamsas studio, the Warehouse. So weare very comfortable going up there for a few weeks at a time. Q: You played on the Spinal Tap album Break Like the Wind (1992), correct?

Your Worst Concert Experience: The Phantom Grabber

Its a classic middle-class instinct: avoid conflict at all costs, even if it means lying to yourself. Maybe there wasnt someone grabbing our ass, we said to ourselves. Maybe it was just a weird coincidence. There was no reason to take any action at all, because surely something so outrageous wouldnt happen IN A CIVILIZED WORLD! Finally, though, we couldnt keep up the fantasy. Every two minutes or so, our asses would get grabbed, and instead of enjoying the show (I think they did a good job, those Weezers) and focusing on the music, we were worried about the next attack on our defenseless hindquarters. Tentatively, I finally asked Nate if he had noticed anything odd, and he confirmed that we were under a full assault. And this is shameful to admit, but I was relieved that it was happening to him too. I didnt want to carry that burden alone. The problem identified, we tried to catch the Phantom Grabber in action. The problem was, he was too fast. Clearly this was a criminal on the move. When we spun around, looking for him, we only saw a group of older girls behind us. And as much as we would have fucking loved to believe they were the guilty partya prelude to a hook-up, perhaps?!in our hearts we knew that if someone was grabbing our asses at a concert, there was a 100 percent chance that it was a creepy dude.